Reiki Levels

Level 1: Anyone who wants to use Reiki for themselves or others can take this course, no previous knowledge is needed.

On the first level the participant will be attuned to Reiki energy by a Reiki Teacher/Master whom enables him/her to use Reiki energy for self-healing or for passing it onto others. On this level the students will learn about Reiki history, principles, some of the techniques and how to use Reiki and the Chakra systems etc.

Level 2: Reiki Level 1 course needs to be done before this level.

Another session of attunement will be given to the participant on this level and first three sacred symbols of Reiki will be taught. After this level the participant becomes a practitioner and can also send Reiki energy from a distance. With each level the participant’s energy and most probably self-awareness increases.

Reiki Teacher/Master Level : This level is only applicable for individuals who already took Reiki 1 and 2 courses.

On this level the participant will be attuned and would have learnt Master symbols, new techniques and how to teach and attune all Reiki levels as he/she has now become a Reiki Teacher/Master .