My name is Melih Yoru. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner/Master/Teacher,  a Oneness Blessing Giver and a life time Yoga student. I am a member of UK Reiki Federation.

After working in Banking, Import/ Export and Fashion Industries for many years, I decided to change my path and started practising Yoga and Reiki, which I discovered in 2003.

I was also later introduced to Oneness Blessing, a phenomenon to shift human consciousness to a higher state.

I started taking Yoga and Reiki courses in my spare time and saw many benefits immediately. I began to feel healthier, more conscious and content. I also visited Oneness University in India few times and became a Oneness Blessing Giver. During these processes I had many profound experiences which truly shifted my world view.

My experience of Reiki, Yoga and Oneness has enabled me to develop better sense of self awareness, my connection to others and our connection to the Universe. In this light I decided to pursue my own practice for others’ well being. I believe that these disciplines are all interconnected and practiced together can be extremely rewarding for the balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.